Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mitchell Emmitt Conant

Mitchell has been growing up so fast. Here he is at just about a month old with his little lamb. Here he's a couple of months old. He started to be more animated and smile when you talked to him. Getting cuter everyday. Papa Terry and Nanawiki love him. He's so cute and lovable. At three months he keeps changing every time we see him. He's daddy's little man. And momma's little firecracker. He's a super dresser and very colorful. He's rolling over now at 5 months and making lots of noises. He's also a big Sooner fan. GO BIG RED!!! He's eating fruits and vegetables and growing big and strong. Recently at almost 6 months old he's been backpacking in the Colorado Rockies He's getting ready to go trick or treating on Halloween and has been trying on various costumes to see which one he likes best. Nanawiki votes for him being a little monkey because she is bananas about him.

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